Mediterranean-international cuisine

Fresh and local, straightforward and refined

The kitchen of Der Neue Weltempfaenger offers classic and new creations of the Italian South Tyrolean culture. The natural flavour of the ingredients is essential for the delicious dishes. Every two weeks we switch seasonal main courses.

During lunchtime you can select between small and medium sized dishes and pasta menus. For dinner, enjoy hearty dishes, beef filets or fine carpaccios. Tempting desserts extend the pleasure.

Cerco l’estate tutto l’anno, e all’improvviso eccola qua.

The whole year I'm looking for the summer, and suddenly, it's there

What Adriano Celentano already sang about – it's alway time for the APERITIVO at Der Neue Weltempfaenger.

When the weather is nice, we often serve a varied buffet of small dishes, finger food, pasta, salads, foccacias and antipasti Thursdays at 6 pm.

Homemade cocktails and lemonades are the ideal companion of a summer night at the Arkonaplatz.

Breakfast & Co.


- -
Südtiroler: organic cheese, sausages, fresh fruit  11,00
Kleines Südtiroler: organic cheese, sausages, fresh fruit  8,00
Colazione Mista for 2: organic cheese, sausage, fresh fruit, 2 eggs, yoghurt and fruits, marmelade  19,50
Croissant plain or chocolate pastry 2,00
Käsefrühstück: organic cheese breakfast, fresh fruit  11,00
Kleines Käsefrühstück: small organic cheese breakfast, fresh fruit  8,00
Französisches Frühstück: 2 Paris croissants, butter, marmelade  5,00
Weißwürste: sausages with sweet mustard  6,00
Soft or hardboiled egg (organic)  1,50
Scrambled eggs with chives (organic)  5,00
Scrambled eggs with bacon (organic)  6,50
Eggs sunny side up with bacon (organic)  6,50
Muesli with yoghurt and fresh fruit  5,00
Yoghurt with fresh fruit  5,00
Fresh fruit salad  6,00

Additional toppings – scrambled eggs

- -
Buffalo mozzarella  2,50
Organic alpine cheese  2,00
Antipasti vegetables  2,00

Additional servings

- -
Home-pickled salmon with horseradish creme 7,00
Buffalo mozzarella "2 Bocconcini" 6,00
Bacon 3,50
Pretzel with butter 3,00
Jam 1,50


- -
Kaiserschmarrn: South Tyrolian style pancake bits with cranberries 9,00
Toast sandwich with home-pickled salmon and seasonal salad 7,00
Toast sandwich with vegatables and seasonal salad 7,00
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